Our Charitable Endowment Plan™ (CEP) ensures the nonprofit’s work and the donor’s legacy live on for generations to come.

What an Endowment Can Do for Your Organization

Working at a nonprofit can be one of the most rewarding experiences, both professionally and personally. But the financial struggles are a near-constant source of stress for nonprofits. An endowment can help alleviate that burden and provide your nonprofit with a whole host of added benefits.

10 Reasons You Need an Endowment

Download our free resource that highlights 10 ways an endowment can fund all your vital programs, support your staff, and make a difference in more lives.

Leverage The Financial Support Of Your Major Donors In a More Impactful Way. 

An endowment is the most effective way for visionary donors to ensure the organization they believe in is sustainable for the future and has steady revenue in times of uncertainty. With greater resources and financial stability, your nonprofit can become a stronger institution that can make a difference in more lives.

10 Times the Return,
10 Times the Impact

With the CEP, donors see 10 times the return on their investment compared to a traditional endowment. This leads to 10 times the number of lives that the nonprofit can impact.

Empower Your Staff

With a sizable endowment, your organization’s staff can spend more time cultivating donor relationships, and less time asking for money.

It Doesn’t Cost Your Organization Anything

Having an endowment won’t hurt your annual campaign. In fact, the CEP can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

Helping Your Donors Make a Bigger Difference

Using a proprietary life insurance strategy, the CEP helps your donors leverage their dollars so that the organization can achieve long term financial stability.

See If the CEP Is Right for Your Organization

In an introductory 15-minute call, we’ll help you understand how the CEP works and determine if your organization is a good fit.

Clarify Your Goals and Find Supporters

Next, you’ll determine the size of the endowment that you want to build and identify major donors who would like to support it.

Create a More Certain Endowment

We will implement the CEP and help you start building a more reliable endowment for your organization.

Multiply The Impact

Use our Endowment Calculator to see how much money an endowment can generate for your organization.

Decades of Dedication

The idea for the Charitable Endowment Plan was cultivated over five years, nurtured by relationships decades in the making, and culminated in the CEP blossoming into a platform that can help sustain and strengthen any nonprofit.

The CEP is the product of a straightforward idea planted in the mind of our founder, Robert A. Fink, J.D. Rob and his wife, Jessica, were inspired to develop the CEP back in 2016 based on their longstanding commitment to their sons’ school. Like so many nonprofits, their sons’ school relied heavily on repeated annual commitments from donors.

Rob and Jessica had one goal: develop an endowment plan that is certain, dependable, and easy to implement. One that is built on guarantees; not on hope and promises. And so, the seed was planted.

As a former estate planning attorney, Rob used his legal background, combined with his knowledge of life insurance strategies, to develop the CEP. He spent 5 years perfecting the program, engaging outside lawyers and consultants, and leveraging 25-year professional relationships to ensure the idea would blossom.

All this careful planning paid off. Through the CEP, Rob and Jessica were able to leverage their investment of $1M and turn it into what will one day be a guaranteed $14.5M endowment for their sons’ school. Now, they’re excited to show other nonprofits how to use the CEP.

What Does a More Certain Endowment Look Like?

The Charitable Endowment Plan helps nonprofits focus on tomorrow without fear of falling victim to the next economic downturn.

Have a Guaranteed Endowment

The traditional way of building an endowment can be extremely difficult and unreliable. The CEP is an easier way to guarantee a nonprofit’s future success.

More Reliable Revenue

Although many established nonprofits often hit their yearly fundraising targets, having a sizable endowment provides predictable annual revenues to support your initiatives.

Confidence in Every Economic Climate

An unforeseen crisis like COVID-19 can be disastrous for a nonprofit. The CEP helps provide a financial safety net to weather any storm and come out stronger on the other side.

Make Sure Your Nonprofit Is Here for Good

Use the Charitable Endowment Plan to be confident that you can continue to impact lives for generations to come. In a 15-minute conversation, we can walk you through how the CEP works and how it can help your nonprofit achieve long-term financial sustainability.