See how the CEP gives you an easier roadmap to building an endowment that is guaranteed.
As the primary fundraiser, you’re having to work year after year to bring in enough money to keep the organization going.
The Charitable Endowment Plan is an easier way to create an endowment which will help provide the organization with the consistent annual funds it needs to thrive. This is your opportunity to make a more lasting impact in your organization.
Take the Guesswork Out of It
The CEP is an innovative solution for securing guaranteed annual financial support.
Having a sizable endowment ensures your organization can continue growing and making a bigger difference. The only problem is that the traditional way of building one still leaves too much to chance.

With the CEP, you can:

Solidify Your Legacy as a Development Director

Our free guide shows how the Charitable Endowment Plan™ is a simpler, less stressful path to securing the financial future of your organization.

See why you’re the one to lead this innovative initiative.

A More Innovative Way to Build an Endowment

Use the CEP to bring long-term security and sustainability to your organization.

Set Your Organization Up for Long Term Success

The CEP allows you to sow the seeds for the nonprofit to have a sizable endowment in the near future.

Feel Reenergized in Your Role

Spend less time scrambling to find money to meet your annual budget, and more time focusing on new initiatives.

Develop Deeper Relationships with Donors

You can also cultivate new donors and strengthen the relationships you have with existing ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how the CEP can strengthen organizations just like yours.

Not at all. In fact, it will help you with your current fundraising.

No. There is no out of pocket cost for the nonprofit.

No, there are other tools you can use. However, one of the many advantages of the CEP is that it’s more certain and more reliable than relying on bequests.

The number of major donors your organization has directly impacts the size of your endowment. The more donors who are willing to participate, the larger the endowment you can build.

Be Remembered for What You Built

You have the power to make an even bigger difference.

Development directors, this your chance to lead an innovative solution that will have ripple effects in your organization and throughout your community for years to come. Even if you don’t stay at the organization for your entire career, people will remember that all this long-lasting change started with you.

Start Securing the Future in 15 Minutes

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