Use the Charitable Endowment Plan ™ to guarantee the nonprofit you believe in will continue changing lives for generations to come.

The Charitable Endowment Plan provides passionate donors like you with the opportunity to ensure that the nonprofit you’ve supported with your time and money will remain strong and vital, long after you’re gone.

Not only are you helping the organization today, but you’re also solidifying your legacy that will carry on for tomorrow.

A Great Investment That Will Do So Much Good

The CEP is a financially savvy decision for you that will create a wealth of opportunities for the organization.

Increase Your Impact by Tenfold

Donors who take part in the CEP see 10 times the return on their investment compared to a traditional endowment. This leads to 10 times the number of lives the nonprofit can impact.

Fund the Future of the Nonprofit

By choosing the CEP, not only are you guaranteeing funds for the nonprofit’s endowment, you’re helping to guarantee the future of the organization.

Leave a Lasting

Let’s face it –– we only have so much time on this earth. But after you’re gone, your legacy will live on as your investment continues to create positive change.


Build Your Legacy

While providing the organization with long-term financial stability.

Using a proprietary life insurance strategy, the CEP provides committed donors like you with the opportunity to make an incredible difference today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

With the CEP, you can:

Leverage Your Dollars with the CEP

See how the CEP allows you to maximize the impact your money can have, now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have complete confidence in the CEP as a guaranteed investment and a way to ensure the nonprofit remains strong and vital in perpetuity.

We developed a proprietary life insurance strategy that allows you to leverage $1 into $10, guaranteed. Why guaranteed?  Because eventually, everyone is going to pass away.

Whatever amount you decide to invest, it will multiply by 10 times, guaranteed. You can spread out your investment for as long as you’d like (e.g. over 5 years, 10 years, etc.).
You have the potential to receive millions of dollars in tax benefits.
RAF Strategies keeps all donor information strictly confidential.
If you’d like to be recognized for your contribution, the nonprofit can arrange that. Or, you can choose to remain anonymous. The decision is all yours.

See If the CEP Is Right for You

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